LA Interns in ‘the Soup’

Two LA interns visited The Soup this week…


Despite the “awful” weather this week—it was between 60 and 70 degrees—this week was very exciting. Parks and Recreation had its series finale and there was A LOT of press about it. Since the beginning of the week I was formatting at least forty news clips a day. By the end of each workday the Parks and Rec press clip book had almost one hundred and fifty pages. I foolishly assumed I would have time to watch the finale at work and passed on watching it Tuesday night. 30 minutes into work the next day I had done so many clips that I had figured out the ending! As an avid Parks and Rec fan I had tried really hard to format articles and not pay attention to the content as a way to make sure nothing was spoiled for me, but in the end the pictures in the news clips sucked me in and I wound up spoiling the finale for myself. I haven’t really been privy to information about the network and television shows around the office but I did overhear a lot of chatter about Parks and Rec; its always really exciting to hear an executive talk about something one minute and then read the same exact thing a few moments later.

Friday night my roommates and I all went to go and see a taping of E!’s The Soup. I found the tickers through a work friend who is constantly pushing me to attend tapings. It wound up being a lot of fun. The set is located at NBC’s Wilshire location and all of their cable networks are based there. Tom Lennon from The Odd Couple was a guest star and he was pretty funny. After the show people were allowed to go up to Joel and get pictures with him. Next week I got tickets to see Mr. Robinson; it’s from 4:00 to 10:00 so that will definitely be interesting. Hopefully the sun will come out too.


Red carpet season has officially ended, and that is where a lot of our publicity is rooted. Cîroc always hosts parties for events like the Grammys and the Oscars, so now that these events are over the office will be quieter. But that’ll be a good thing because my supervisor will be able to work individually with the other interns and me about more complicated public relations topics. I finished my case study this week, and I was able to sit down with one of my bosses to go over it. I really like working at a small firm because it allows for a better learning atmosphere. I’ve also grown pretty close to my supervisor and the other interns, which is awesome!

In other news, we met JOEL MCHALE THIS WEEKEND! Love was able to get us tickets to a taping of The Soup, and that was incredible! It was so cool to be in the audience and see how things work behind the scenes. The show was hilarious. After the show was taped, Joel McHale stayed around and was meeting everyone and taking pictures… so cool! That was the first famous person I’ve met since being out here, and he was definitely a good one to meet! He was really friendly and down to earth. He even commended the Patriots on their Super Bowl victory 😉 That was definitely the highlight of my weekend, though. We went to Santa Monica one night, and there was a man playing his guitar and singing on the pier. It was really relaxing to be listening to the waves crashing on the beach and to hear this man sing. As per usual, I do not want to leave Los Angeles. Thankfully we still have two more months out here. Can’t believe it’s already March, though!