Michelle goes to Moscow!

Sorry about my blog hiatus — I’ve been pretty busy between exploring St. Petersburg, getting in last minute trips to Europe, and (surprise) actually doing work for my study abroad classes!

Anyway, there is one phenomenal experience I had in October that I haven’t yet shared: my trip to Moscow. I got to live out some of my childhood dreams by going to this incredible city! Going to Russia has always been something I’ve wanted to do. I’m so glad I got to check both Moscow and St. Petersburg off my bucket list.

I could go on forever about my great time in Moscow! But instead, let me tell the biggest highlights of the four days I spent in Moscow.

1. I got to see St. Basil’s Cathedral in person.

DSC00588      DSC00603

Life goal = complete. One of those iconic things in the world I never dreamed I’d see at 20!

2. I explored Red Square.

This has been the scene of revolutions, political protests, rallies, speeches, and so many other Russian historical events. It was amazing to set foot on the most famous square in Moscow.


3. I went to the Moscow Circus.

Though I’d prefer to go to the prestigious Bolshoi Ballet, the Moscow Circus is world-famous in its own right. It was definitely one of the most entertaining nights of my stay. The performers (human and animal) were incredible!


4. I got to take a tour of the Kremlin.

Ya know, HQ of the Russian government, home of Putin? It’s a fortress overlooking the Moskva River, and it’s pretty formidable inside.






These four days were awesome, but not nearly enough time to fully experience the city! Moscow is exactly as I’ve always seen it depicted: enigmatic, a bit mysterious, full of activity, but very beautiful. I’d definitely like to travel here again one day.