New Adventures


While interning across the country means learning more about an industry that I hope to get into, it also means challenging myself and experiencing new things I couldn’t do at home. That is why this week I signed up for something I have wanted to do for a very long time-become a certified scuba diver! Although I could take a course like this at home, why wouldn’t I take it in southern California? While I am only taking online classes at the moment, this upcoming weekend is when I will first get to put on a wetsuit and tank and explore the pool with my equipment. Words like buoyancy control device, alternate air source and exposure suits have now become a normal part of my vocabulary. Naturally, my levels of excitement are through the roof.

My internship continues to go well, as I learn more about the industry and what it takes to make a successful talk show. This past week I was privileged to watch Queen Latifah a few more times in rehearsal, and see even more of how producers are constantly trying to perfect the show. This is what I like best about the talk show atmosphere. Yes, there is a script, but if something isn’t working it can be changed right on the spot. I have seen Queen Latifah in rehearsal trying to work something out, and having the writers change lines on the fly. I have also seen her do this in front of a live audience, for example, experimenting with different ways of introducing someone or phrasing a question.  I think this is why I like working on a talk show so much; things can be kept fresh and different, and the staff is always looking to improve the show, even during filming. This approach keeps everyone on her or his toes and alert, which is precisely the type of environment I would like to work in.