New Experiences


This week was very exciting with Barry Katz, as I got to cover my first script! I was given the pilot of a new sitcom that was actually pretty funny. When I was done reading I had to rate the script on different components, such as its premise, commercial value, writing, characters, etc. After rating it I had to provide a synopsis and write more detailed descriptions about what I thought of all the different aspects. It was fun to analyze a project’s potential, in contrast to all of my film and literature classes where I analyze a movie or book after it has cultural influence.

At Konnect, one of the publicists was able to navigate his way through political contacts and have Vice President Joe Biden agree to be the first customer at his client’s new restaurant in D.C. This is obviously a major achievement, as it will instigate much media coverage for the restaurant. In fact, another intern and I spent all Thursday morning finding different writers and bloggers who we thought we could pitch the story to.

I unwound from my week of work by shopping on Melrose Ave (finally!) It’s well known for its boutiques and celebrity shoppers. No celebrities were in the area on Friday afternoon, but it was so much fun to go into the small shops with unique fashion styles, as well as the second hand stores that sell many designer clothes. I also went hiking at Joseph Tree National Park, an area surrounded by mountains that were made my boulders and Joseph Trees (a species that contort into different shapes). I have never seen anything like it, and the hike was absolutely surreal. There was also a “view point” we drove to at sunset, where an entire crowd of people gathered to watch as the sun sank below the mountain range. I will probably never see anything like it ever again, and though it was such a trek, it was absolutely worth it.