No Snow in Malibu!


This week at MPRM Communications, I sat in on one of the weekly meetings on Monday. They talked a lot about how the Sundance Film Festival went and we watched clips from some of the movies they represent that were screened there. It was also cool to hear about what the film and events department is doing, since I work in the digital media and technology and television department right now. I also discovered that the tar pits are right down the street from my building along with the Page Museum. I was able to go visit them during my lunch break, which was great because it was something I had on my bucket list to do while out here. So far at both internships I’ve been doing a lot of researching and media lists, but I have done some other things like drafting a tune-in for one of our clients, The Arsenio Hall Show.

Over the weekend, Jenny and I visited Malibu and I am already planning to go back. The drive took us about an hour, because we took a scenic route instead of the freeway. We drove through a canyon, which was so cool (I’m from Texas, which is pretty much as flat as it gets), and along the Pacific Coast Highway, which runs parallel to the beach. The view was absolutely gorgeous. While this week was mostly work, it did include the drive to Malibu, which has been one of my favorite places we’ve visited.