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LA Internship Fall 2010: Responsibilities = Opportunities

Lauren This week I had to finish up gathering contacts for a restaurant opening in NJ. It’s amazing to realize how much responsibility my supervisor entrusts me with. It makes me feel like my time at Stonehill has really paid off, and that I have…

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LA Internship Fall 2010: Adjusting to Work & Life in LA

Janelle Where do I begin?!? Yesterday was probably one of the coolest days of my life. My supervisor asked me if I wanted to be the PA for a Levis commercial for one of her clients, and I replied saying, “Yeah, but what’s a PA?”…

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LA Internship Fall 2010: Arriving in LA

Ally As I stepped off the plane into the dimly lit Bob Hope Airport and eagerly hastened through the baggage claims toward the mechanical doors leading outside, the lenient and relaxed atmosphere that encompassed the shining sky of Burbank, California immediately absorbed me. It was…

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