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California Adventure: Week 2

Now that it has been a couple of weeks out here in Los Angeles, my roommates and I are starting to finally settle in. Work schedules are a little less hectic, and the fun has only just begun. I continued my second week at Steiger…

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A Different Kind of Spring Break

By Silvana Vivas, Class of 2013 I’ve never gone on vacation for spring break. I’ve gone on H.O.P.E. trips every year since I arrived at Stonehill, but I decided to take a break now that it’s my senior year. It was then that I heard…

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  • Our street!

    Our street!

  • Cooking class!

    Cooking class!

  • Florence Interns!!

    Florence Interns!!

Meet my new neighbors..Dior, Gucci, Fendi, Prada, & Tiffany’s!

As the bus came to a screeching halt, I sleepily opened my eyes and took a look out of my window.  My jaw dropped as I took in all of the sights around me.  After what had seemed like an eternity, we had finally arrived…

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