Taking Initiative


This week at my internships I was presented with many opportunities to take initiative. Barry went out of the country and his assistant was on vacation, so it was the interns’ opportunity to hold down the fort. It was very hectic and nerve-racking at first. However, we made it through the day as seamlessly as possible, and it showed me just how much I have learned in the last month. My phone presence is much more professional, I know the ins and outs of the office, and I’m developing good rapport with the other interns so we can work interactively.

I know that this type of improvement has been made at Konnect PR as well. I’ve gotten the hang of media lists and even made a post for the company blog! Towards the end of my day I went up to the internship coordinator and asked if she had a few minutes to let me know if there was anything I could work on. After all, I do want to make sure that I meet their expectations. She was surprised that I asked. I explained that I was just curious and she said that to begin with, asking for advice impressed her and the other employees. Apparently, I am the only intern who had approached them. It paid off! They gave me a really good tip and it also gave me an appropriate time to ask to learn more about press releases.

One fun aspect of this week was that we got to meet other college students who are staying at Oakwood Apartments. Students from schools like Ithica, Syracuse, Emerson, and University of Texas also live here. Another intern at Barry Katz Entertainment is from Temple; many students from that school also stay at Oakwood. We were invited to go hiking with him and his friends and met a bunch of other students. It was great to hear about their program, and how different it is from ours while also finding a waterfall and hidden trails in the mountains.