“Val-Interns” Day in L.A.


Holy cow, my first month in Los Angeles has flown by!

I had a great week at both my internships. My managers at Storyverse Studios are involving me in more things. I’ve been to two pitch meetings, and was able to get several article ideas approved and am now in the process of writing a number of them. One of the first articles I wrote for the studio’s bridal website is doing really well on social media in terms of shares and likes. The piece is a satirical listicle providing tips on how to make sure your marriage doesn’t end up like the one in the film Gone Girl: http://www.bridalville.com/get-merried/put-a-zing-on-it/9-ways-to-make-sure-your-marriage-doesnt-end-up-like-nick-and-amys-in-gone-girl). It’s nice to know I was able to contribute to this growing company’s success by writing a piece that people really seem to be responding to!

At MPRM Communications I got the opportunity to meet with the company’s COO, Alan Amman. Alan told me a lot about his experiences in the entertainment industry, including his time working for 20th Century Fox where he helped promote films like Mrs. Doubtfire and Speed. We also had a great conversation about my experiences in the communication/journalism department at Stonehill. Although journalism and public relations are two different things, Alan assured me that my journalism minor will take me far in a number of fields. It was reassuring to hear from a professional that this degree means something. Sure, journalism is changing, but, as Alan told me, the skills I am learning in class are translatable across many different industries and practices.

Outside of my professional life as an intern, I find that I’ve really broken out of my shell since coming to Los Angeles. I met up with two other interns from Storyverse Studios on Valentine’s Day (or Val-Interns Day as we kept calling it). We went to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and then had a meal at Bob’s Big Boy, a ‘50s diner. At home, I would normally be rather shy and tentative about hanging out with new people. I ended up having a great time, though, so I am very glad I decided to step outside my comfort zone and go on this little adventure!