Work & Play in LA

Mary Lee

This week I was fortunate enough to have a visitor come out West. Meg is a Mediated Communication major who is also very much interested in the entertainment world. I pushed for her to visit us because I knew that she would appreciate the atmosphere out here.  Kate and I were excited to show her around Southern California. We took her to some of our favorite spots like the Grove, Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach Boardwalk, and of course our favorite karaoke spot Dimples.

It was nice to have Meg visit after a very busy week of work. I worked six days this week, which was fine because I love both of my internships. One of the supervisors at NBC asked me to come in and work on Friday and I was more than obliged to do so. At the Groundlings, I continue to learn about just how hard it is to break into the comedy scene. Working there has really made me appreciate and feel for improvisational actors. It really is incredibly hard to break into this business, and the Groundlings is the best place to go if you’re interested in a career in comedy.

Even though I am very busy I am glad to have some down time every week. The beach has been my favorite attraction in California, especially the eclectic and vibrant Venice Beach. So far I have not been disappointed about anything throughout my semester in Los Angeles. Each week brings new excitement and opportunity and I am so thankful to be part of this incredible internship program.