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WHEN to hold solidarity event


Stand Up Stonehill (Photo Courtesy of Stonehill College)

Stand Up Stonehill (Photo Courtesy of Stonehill College)

By Aimee Chiavaroli

Stonehill students will be hosting an event Thursday to support all survivors of sexual assault.

The club on campus, Women’s Health and Empowerment Now (WHEN ) will be hosting the solidarity event called Stand Up Stonehill, Thursday at 6:30 p.m. on the Quad.

The event will be held in collaboration with other social justice clubs on campus, including Men Against Violence and the Moore Center for Gender and Equity.

There will be speakers from clubs, faculty, and staff.

This event is in support of all of the survivors, both reported and unreported cases, and is not in direct response to the most recent reported assault.

People will also be encouraged to continue the chalk movement on campus, where people have been writing supportive messages on the pathways by the clock tower.

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