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Student Spotlight: Matt Farrenkopf



By Tom Darcy

Q: What are you involved in on campus?
A: I work a lot with student activities, serving with SGA as the class of 2016 campus ministry rep., and I am on diversity committee. I work at the Phonathon in the Development Office. I work as secretary for Men Against Violence. I also spend a lot of my time working with different aspects of Campus Ministry. I am a H.O.P.E. participant (found out recently I am going to Tennessee in the Spring!), I work with the retreats, and I am one of the co-interns for Into The Streets. I really love the groups I work with at Stonehill.

Q: Last edition M.A.V. Vice President Joe McCabe talked about the club’s new quote campaign. How is the campaign progressing?
A: I’m very happy to say it has been a success so far. I was talking to my friend and boss, Nick Howard, recently after the most recent sexual assualt case, and he brought up the idea of running a program to show the community how much Stonehill men really care about this issue. I brought the idea of a quote campaign to the other MAV officers, Dean Kevin Piskadlo, and Vice President of Student Affairs Pauline Debrowski, and they have supported us from the beginning. Our faculty/staff quote campaign was a huge success and we’re excited to say we are now moving on to getting quotes from respected male student leaders. I’m very proud of the Stonehill community and how many have stepped forward to address such a serious issue, not just at Stonehill, but other colleges, too.

Q: In your opinion, what are the qualities of a “Stonehill Man?”
A Stonehill man does not just thrive in the classroom, but makes the effort to do the right thing out of the classroom, and in the real world.

Q: What has your experience with DFLI been like?
A: I think it’s been one of the most beneficial things I’ve been able to take part in so far in my Stonehill career. I’ve known for a little while now that I want to work in fundraising for higher education, so it’s been awesome to hear the behind the scenes aspects on what makes a good fundraiser. In my personal opinion, I think that to fundraise, you need a lot of heart, and when you hear all of the guest speakers, members of Advancement, the Annual Fund, and participants in the Stonehill Brockton Service Program speak, you can tell they put their whole heart and effort into what they do. Sarah Varadian, the head of the program, does a great job heading the program, and has really helped me realize that working in fundraising is a career I really want to pursue.

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