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Student Spotlight: Abby Bongaarts


By Brendan Monahan

Abby Bongaarts

Q: What are you involved in on campus?

On campus I am a Resident Assistant in the courts, I work as a writing tutor in the College Writing Center (CWA), I am a teacher’s assistant (TA) for a religious studies class, I am a German tutor, and I work as a research assistant for a history professor. This semester I am participating in the Developing Fundraising Leadership Institute program (DFLI), which is run through the Center for Non-Profit Management. In this program we are learning how to work as fundraisers in non-profits. I also volunteer at My Brother’s Keeper and the Stonehill Farm. Two summers ago I participated in Stonehill’s Student Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) program. I participated in the HOPE program my freshman year on a trip to New Orleans and am participating again this year on a trip to West Virginia.

Q: Where are you from and what is one thing you wish people knew about your home state?

I am from Minnesota. I wish people knew that not everyone from Minnesota lives on a farm and that it gets really hot in the summer. We also don’t live in Igloos. Also, someone asked me once if Minnesota is next to that state Chicago…Chicago is not a state.

Q: How did you find Stonehill?

Stonehill was on the top 10 happiest schools list in the Princeton Review 320 Best Colleges book. I didn’t know that much about colleges outside Minnesota, so I figured that list was a good place to start.

Q: What do people from Minnesota call people from the East Coast?

Coasties. Sometimes the term coastie can have a negative connotation to it, but when I say it I only mean it with love.

Q: What is your favorite Stonehill event?

Bingo. I don’t want to brag….but I’m really good.

Q: Where did you study abroad and what was your experience like?

I spent 10 months studying abroad in Munich, Germany. I took classes in German at the University of Munich and also interned at the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, an environmental humanities research center. I was also awarded a grant by the German government to conduct research for my senior history thesis on the relationship between conservationists and Nazis. Overall, studying abroad was the best decision I made while at Stonehill. I am glad I decided to go for the year because I was really able to learn the language and integrate into the culture.

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