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Stonehill Field Hockey flies off, hopefully to victory


By Kayleigh Lepage

As the planes take off, the Stonehill Field Hockey team members prepares their baggage for the ride of their lives.

Thousands of athletes, over 30 teams, have competed to play in the NCAA Division Two Festival held in Louisville, Kentucky.

This is Stonehill’s second appearance in four years and they couldn’t be more excited..

“This is what we’ve worked for all season long. We’re more than ready, each and everyone of us,” explains senior Jennifer Foley before they take off.

The plane begins to take off and the team is anxious. Players being to move around in their seats with big smiles on their faces. Laugher fills the air.

Teammates, even coaches, become restless as soon as the second plane lands. After arriving in Louisville, Stonehill Field Hockey became uncontrollable.

The atmosphere was built up as soon as they reached the hotel, where other NCAA athletes were staying too. Other teams included Men’s and Women’s Cross Country, Men’s and Women’s Soccer, Field Hockey, and Women’s Volleyball.

Blue banners filled the lobby, athletes were crowding the areas, the excitement was just getting started.

The opening ceremony was held at Churchill Downs, one of the most historical places in the country. Stonehill and the other teams were provided with a buffet of famous Kentucky food along with cookies afterwards.

Followed by the awards were fireworks and music to top off closing of the opening ceremony.

Through the excitement and the anxiousness, Stonehill is prepared to bring home the National Championship. Their semi-final game is held at Trager Field in the University of Louisville, against rivals, Long Island Post University, from Long Island, New York. The game will be at 4 p.m.

Lepage is a member of the field hockey team in Louisville.


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