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Girls From The Hill to perform at Prov. Bruins game


By Erich Maynard

Members of the a cappella group, Girls from the Hill, are excited for what they are calling their biggest performance yet at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island.

Kathleen Jastrzebski, co- president of the club, said she was overjoyed when she received an email asking if the group would perform at half time during the Providence Bruins game at the Dunkin’ Donuts center January 23.

“When I got the email I jumped right on the opportunity, because any way to get our name out to a bigger venue is always awesome,” Jastrzebski said.

The all female group will sing as the jumbotron screen shines above for the audience to see.

“I have a feeling this is going to go really well, we’re going to be singing one of our more classic songs. We all know it, we all love it, its definitely a crowd pleaser its a more upbeat song that both young and old audiences will appreciate,” Jastrzebski said.

The girls will be singing “Turn the Beat Around,” originally sung by Gloria Estefan in 1996.

Rehearsals are full swing for January 23.

“I think that no one is nervous or anything in the slightest we’re all just really excited, I think the fact that its such a big audience, that its making everybody so excited to perform, I feel confident that we’re going to pull it off and have an amazing performance,” Jastrzebski said.

Tickets are $18 and available until the week of the game by contacting Kaleigh Richardson at 401-680-4749.

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