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Snow days lead to syllabus woes


By Holly Cardoza

As dozens of students celebrate the snow day-streak thanks to Juno and the additional snowstorm that hit early Monday morning, many faculty members were trying to find a way to make up for the lost classroom time.

In true New England fashion, most professors are prepared for weather like this and didn’t seem fazed by the blizzard. Many students are shocked when they learn professors still expect assignments on the day of the snowstorm.

Jack Jackson, a Professor in the communication department relied on e-Learn during Juno.

“In one class, an assignment was due on Tuesday, the first day of classes that were cancelled. Instead, I emailed everyone and had them upload them to a dropbox,” he said.

While this makes sense and helps to keep things on track, it can put a damper on some students’ snow day.

“It kind of ruins my snow day but it makes sense so we don’t get too off track,” Senior Lauren Doyle said.

Other students said they don’t mind the makeup work just as long as they can enjoy the day off.

“I don’t mind having assignments that are due after the snowstorm to make up for the lost time. I just like to have that break,” senior Katie Krach said.

Despite technology’s assistance in communication, snow days can still create a rut in the semester. Rearranging, especially in the beginning of the semester, can be difficult.

I try to keep up with the work by catching up over the next couple of class sessions,” said Professor Larry Lencz of the Healthcare Administration department.

For professors like Lencz, with a class or classes meeting only meet once a week, things can really get off track.

“More damaging is the lack of continuity,” Lencz said.

Lencz said he considers the snowstorm “much more of a nuisance,” while others are a little more conflicted.

“I was both relieved to have the unexpected time off while feeling it a nuisance to have everyone miss a class,” Jackson said. “With some luck, and a little less snow, we’ll manage to go through everything I’ve planned.”

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