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Snow shifts College schedule


By Jared Chandler

Back-to-back record snowfalls put a halt to some classes, and now forced the College to cancel some holiday days off to make up the time.

Some of the academic changes include classes being held on Holy Thursday until 4 p.m., classes resuming at 1 p.m. on Easter Monday when students traditionally have the day off and Reading Day moving from Friday, May 1 to Saturday, May 2. Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Joseph Favazza announced the changes Feb. 11.

“A lot of conversation went into deciding the changes,” Favazza said. “It was critical to get class time back for the missed Mondays. Holding classes on Holy Thursday and Easter Monday is to make up for the delays we had.”

Not everyone was happy with the changes.

“I’m upset that Easter break is going to be shortened a little bit. I play lacrosse and I depend on going home that Easter Monday because it’s the only chance I get while I’m in season. Now I have to worry about homework on that weekend instead of seeing family,” junior Remi DiRe said.

Other students shared that sentiment.

Junior and Communication major Yannis Barros said students should not be punished for something they can not control.

“Honestly, I disagree with the revised schedule. The school shouldn’t take away some of our vacation days. We can’t control Mother Nature so why should we be punished,” Barros said.

Other students understood why the schedule was changed.

Anthony Donato, a finance major, said getting the scheduled Monday classes back was needed.

“This was necessary because the classes that were missed need to meet at some point. Those classes have missed around ten hours of class time. That isn’t beneficial for the students or the professors. Students pay for their education and they shouldn’t lose out on needed classes,” Donato said.

The remaining semester schedule is set for now and students don’t have to worry about their spring breaks being interrupted. “Spring break being canceled was never in jeopardy. We would need to miss a whole week straight for that to happen,” Favazza said.

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