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Stonehill declared “underrated”


By Amy McKeever

Stonehill College was recently named one of the “50 Most underrated colleges in America” by Business Insider.

The list was released Jan. 28 and placed Stonehill College at number 41, tied with 4 other colleges: University of Tulsa, Westmont College, Auburn University and University of St. Thomas.

Martin McGovern, director of Communications and Media Relations at Stonehill, said he was happy with the placement of the College.

“I think that Stonehill is an underrated institution across a variety of fronts. To see our college recognized is very pleasing.” McGovern said.

Business Insider targeted schools that had low rankings on the US News list but high mid-career salaries, and then compared US News’ rankings of the best universities and national liberal arts colleges in the country with PayScale’s 2013-2014 College Salary Report to rank the schools.

“It’s always helpful when you get an independent ranking recognizing the economic success of our alumni. It is just another positive indication of how strong a Stonehill degree is,” McGovern said.

Most students agree.

“It makes me feel good about my choice to go here because of the salary listing,” first-year student Royce Conlin said.

Senior Emily Messier believes that the College is very underrated.

“Once people actually get here, they know how good it is,” she said. “We are underrated because no one really knows we exist.”

Other students said the school’s ranking doesn’t change anything.

“The ranking doesn’t make a difference for my school choice, so I don’t think it would for other people either,” first-year student Jameson Hutch said.

How Stonehill is underrated, according to students: 

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