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Seniors prepare for life and careers come May


By Holly Cardoza

With graduation less than 100 days away, it’s go-time for seniors as they start creating their post-grad plans. Between resume editing, mock interviews, job applications and negotiating salaries, the process can be very time-intensive.

“It’s overwhelming that you have to apply to so many but only hear back from so few,” senior English major Bridget Gilleran said.

Often times, the amount of work that goes into job searching can be equivalent to a job or another class. That’s where Career Services comes in. The office in Cushing Martin helps students with internship, grad school and job placement opportunities.

Each spring semester the office devotes time to seniors, helping them develop a plan for after graduation.  Career Services offers a variety of resources for seniors to use to make the process a little easier.

There are several online resources on the Career Services site, under and “Jobs & Internships” tab, you can find several employment search websites that filter industry, location, salary, key words, company, among other things. and are two of the more popular sites.

In addition to the online support, Career Services offers students one-on-one appointments to personalize a job search. Andrew Leahy is the new senior liaison and is ready to help seniors’ needs and job searches.

Leahy is responsible for maintaining communication with the seniors, sending out job alerts, tracking job placements and creating a comfortable environment for seniors to come in and begin the job search.

“Now is the time to be really proactive. Everyone’s really going to start to see the job postings coming up,” Leahy said.

One way to be proactive in the job search is through the #HireStonehill program which allows students to participate in the onsite employment recruitment, where employers come to Stonehill to conduct interviews. You can become certified for the program online and you must complete the #HireStonehill certification to participate in the on campus recruitment.

There are several different events that occur over the Spring semester that seniors are highly encouraged to go to. One of the largest events put on by Career Services is the Spring Job and Internship Expo on Wednesday, March 18 from 1:30 to 4 p.m. in the Dining Commons. Over 60 employers will be there looking to hire seniors of all majors. Senior students are highly encouraged to attend, along with the ‘How To Work The Expo’ seminar, which will be held Monday March 16 at 6 p.m.

Other events will be held throughout the semester including networking events, and resume and interview prep workshops.

For seniors struggling with the process, the most important thing to do is get an appointment made with a counselor in Career Services. “Everybody has a starting point, everyone follows their own path and it’s about creating your own individual strategy. Be proactive,” Leahy said.

For more information, contact or to schedule an appointment, call the Career Services office at 508-565-1325 or by going through the online scheduling portal on the Career Services website.

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