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Residence halls face limit in cold


By Erin Cangiano

The Lowell/Kingston house in the Commonwealth Courts, otherwise known as the Senior Courts, has taken a hit with this month’s record-breaking snowfall and freezing temperatures.

In the span of two weeks, the house has flooded three times due to bursting pipes.

“Our first flood happened on the Saturday after Juno. A pipe froze and burst on the girls’ side of the house, causing a flood in one of their rooms,” junior Brogan O’Rourke said.

With the help of Stonehill’s Facilities Department, the room was back to normal by the next day.

“When we first noticed the flood in our room, we called campus police and they came over right away. They had facilities come over and called a plumber to come fix the pipe. Four hours later, it was fixed,” senior Lizzie Lane said. “Facilities came back the next day to vacuum and shampoo our carpets.”

A week later, another pipe burst and flooded the house’s study room.

“This time, another pipe froze and burst and the steam from the flooding hot water set off the fire alarm,” O’Rourke said. “The alarm was going off for about 10 minutes because neither us nor [Campus Police] could find the source of the problem.”

After searching the house, senior Cassandra McGill discovered the issue.

“After checking all of the rooms, the only place left was the study room. I opened the door and saw the steam and about an inch of water, so we started clearing out all of the furniture,” McGill said.

Facilities came to the rescue once again.

“They vacuumed up the water called more plumbers in to fix the pipe. The room was in good shape within a few hours,” O’Rourke said.

The third and final flood occurred at 4:40 a.m. last Wednesday.

“I was woken up to noise in the pipes, so I got up to check it out and saw that it was starting to flood,” senior Mikayla Couch said. “We knew what was happening this time around, so we just called facilities. A plumber was here by 5 a.m. and was using a blow torch to weld the crack in the pipe back together.”


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