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Class of 2019 Taking Shape


By Erich Maynard

As applications pour in to the admissions office, current Stonehill students wonder what the class of 2019 will look like.

It is up to admissions to sort through the numerous applications and make the difficult decision of deciding whether or not to accept the applicant. David Tobias, dean of admissions, said the incoming class of 2019 is academically strong and well-rounded.

“The magic word in admissions is ‘fit’. We are looking for students who are at the academic level, but beyond that, we are looking for someone who is really the right fit for us. We feel that they bring something unique to our campus and fit with our campus’s culture,” Tobias said.

The college is focusing on what both students and parents are looking for during enrollment.

“It really takes an entire campus to enroll a student. Our students are doing really well in the job market after graduation and part of it is due to the outstanding experience they’ve had on campus, internships, and study abroad,” Tobias said.

Stonehill’s career services office begins working with students as soon as they get to Stonehill, instead of waiting until junior or senior year like other colleges.

This year, Stonehill’s application numbers have slightly dropped.

“We’re down just a little bit this year for entering students. In the grand scheme, we’ve had relatively similar application numbers for the last two or three cycles. Last year, we had about 6,000 applicants, this year we’re a little over 5,900,” Tobias said.

He said the new sports complex could be an attraction for new students.

“Anything you can do to improve your facilities on campus is going to be something that can attract students, so in that sense it’s the same thing we saw historically with the science center being opened, seeing an increase with the students with interest in the sciences. Anything we can do on campus to improve our facilities is going to be something that is going to improve our ability to attract and retain students on campus,” Tobias said.

Tobias said every first year class is different.

“I think it depends on the look and feel of the class. I’ve heard about this year’s class. Folks are very satisfied about students on campus this year from my perspective. This is a very diverse class, also in addition this is a group of students who are academically focused,” Tobias said.

Tobias said the admissions board is still reading applications. The applicants are an academically competitive group who will change Stonehill for the better and impact the school in a positive way, he said.

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