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MKTO, Kid Ink to perform in front of O’Hara



Students around campus are excited about the upcoming spring concert with MKTO and Kid Ink.

The concert will be held Saturday April 25 at 7 p.m. under the tent on the May Pavilion, in front of Shields Science center, and O’Hara Hall.

“I was pretty excited when I heard Kid Ink was coming to Stonehill,” junior Aaron Rogers said. “In the past I wasn’t as excited because I wasn’t familiar with the performers, but I know Kid Ink and listen to his music.”

“I’m so happy with the performers this year. MKTO and Kid Ink are great. Every year Student Activities does a great job at picking the performances. I can’t wait to go,” junior Gina Valeri said.

Before the concert was officially announced, there was a lot of time and effort put into deciding who was going to be the performer.

“The Committee meets every week on Tuesday nights and at these meetings, when we are not planning on-campus coffeehouses, we discuss how we want to put the genre survey together. This survey is then sent out to the entire school. We wait about a week and then look at the results. From there, the committee looks at the options and narrows the list down to a few performers. Then, we have to put bids in for different acts to see who is available at that time. Once the performers have accepted our bids, then it becomes official,” Concert Coffeehouse Chair and junior, Adrianna Rosadio said.

When it comes to booking performers, money is the key to the success.

Assistant Director of Student Activities Lina Macedo oversees the financial aspect of the concert and knew the committee had to act quickly this year to book the artists they wanted.

“The committee selected the MKTO & Kid Ink because they essentially met the criteria of what the student genre survey results were. We move pretty quickly in our bid process to get acts before they can be scooped up by others. We were able to negotiate our offer and lock down MKTO then did the same for Kid Ink working around his anticipated tour,” Macedo said.

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