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Class registration looms over students



Class registration season can be stressful. Just ask anyone who is trying to pick classes for next Fall.

Students have begun to prepare for the worst, expecting that the classes they want to take for the Fall semester of 2015, will already be filled by upperclassmen by the time they register.

This has become a notorious problem for first-year students because they are the last to register.

“The process makes me nervous because you have to make sure you’re on time to get on a computer just in case your laptop crashes and the constant worry that the Internet will just give out on you,” Cris DePina, a first year student said.

Meetings with advisors are scheduled, courses are picked out and back-ups lists are created so as to prepare for the let down of losing out on first choice classes.

“I’m making sure to have at least three-quarters backup classes that work around my schedule as a whole,” DePina said.

Thursday March 26 is the start of registration, with Honors students of the Class of 2016 the first to pick classes. Registration for the Class of 2018 starts Wednesday April 8, allowing plenty of time for classes to fill up with students, making it near impossible for first years to sign up for classes that they need to take either as a general education requirement or for their major.

When students do not get the classes that they need or want, fear can set in. The fear of college careers crumbling, extra-semesters and course overloads are at the forefront of students’ minds as they start to rebuild their schedules based around the courses that are still available.

There are many things that can go wrong on the day of registration and students have heard all of the horror stories about computers freezing, the Internet crashing, getting locked out of MyHill, and passwords expiring. All of the planning that goes into creating the perfect schedule can go out the window in a matter of 30 seconds.

DePina said she was given some good advice from upperclassmen on what to do.

“I’ve been told to pick the one class that I really want or need that has a few spaces left and submit and then go back and do the others,” DePina said

“I also got advice to write out my course numbers in Word and copy and paste them onto the computer,” she said.

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