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Stonehill students are wrapping up their semester in the Big Apple


By Erin Cangiano

With internships from Mount Sinai Hospital to Atlantic records, members of Stonehill’s New York City Internship Program are wrapping up their final month in the city that never sleeps.

Since January 12, these 13 students have been living in the New Yorker Hotel while interning four days a week and taking a class at Fordham University.

By interning in one of the world’s largest metropolitan cities, the students said they are getting real-world working experiences while also discovering their own professional preferences for the future.

Junior Ryan O’Keefe’s internship with Gerstein Fisher, an investment management firm, opened his eyes to changes in his future career plans.

“I enjoy the experience I am getting in the investments world. What I have been exposed to so far has made me realize that investments might not be the career path I plan to pursue in the future. Had I not done this internship, I might not have learned this,” O’Keefe said.

Unlike O’Keefe, Junior Alyssa Hayes’s internship with Mount Sinai’s Adolescent Health Center increased her interest in the field of psychology.

“I work in elementary schools all across the city from the Upper East Side to the Bronx facilitating mental health curriculum. I’ve also been creating mental health curriculums for peers that will be coming to the health center’s eight week program this summer which is beneficial since I’m minoring in Secondary Education,” Hayes said. “I really like it. On days when I’m not in the school or working on summer curriculum, I get to shadow psychiatrists and psychologists in the clinic.”

Junior Katie Fabry has barely had time to catch a breath while interning in the frantic PR world with Alison Brod Public Relations.

“I like my internship in that I get a new experience every day. I’m constantly busy doing things like press mockups, product send outs and writing press releases and pitch letters. After all, New York City runs on interns and it’s your responsibility to prove yourself in such a hectic environment,” Fabry said.

Outside of her internship, Fabry has spent a lot of time self-reflecting in the city.

“I always thought New York was my place and the place I would end up after college, but I learned that it’s okay to change your mind about who or where you want to be. After spending last semester in London, I learned that there are places out there better suited for me than New York,” Fabry said.

Overall, the students highly recommend the New York City Internship Program to others who are interested.

“Living in New York City is so different than the Stonehill bubble. Adventure is always waiting around the corner,” O’Keefe said. “Being independent and working full time is helping me prepare for life after college and the experience is priceless for resumes and career advancement.”

Hayes said interning in the city has made her more independent.

“I’ve lived in a small rural town all my life. I wanted to be able to get a city feel. It’s nice to be able to get away from Stonehill and home without being too far,” Hayes said. “I feel like I have become much more independent.

“Even simple things like having to cook a full meal for myself three times a week or budgeting and saving aren’t part of daily life at Stonehill. There are so many things I have been able to do and experience this semester that I will never forget,” Hayes said.

Fabry offered some advice to future New York City interns.

“It’s as close to a real world experience as you can get,” Fabry said. “They should know that not all areas are as hectic as the one you live in. Explore Brooklyn. Explore West Village or the Upper East Side. Explore everywhere. Discover what part of the city is right for you.”

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