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Office of Res Life, Facilities: Less damage this year than past


By Erin Cangiano

Even after being stuck in the dorm through this year’s endless winter, students have managed to keep dorm damage at a minimum, officials said.

“I can’t think of any severe damage caused by students from this past year. Anecdotally I feel like we did not have to charge for excessive damage as much this year as in past years,” Andy Anderson, the associate director of Residence Life, said.

Facilities reports there was far less dorm damage this year. Bruce Boyer, director of Facilities Management, said he could not pinpoint a specific incident that has caused major damage.

“There hasn’t been major damage like in the past. There have been minor things spread throughout campus, but nothing excessive,” Boyer said.

He noted that is in sharp contrast to 2014, when there was a severe amount of dorm damage.

“I want to say there was about $10,000 worth of damage in 2014. There were a lot of problems in many of the courts houses,” Boyer said. “There was a student in Jamestown that kicked the handle on the toilet and busted the pipe in the wall. It flooded the entire building.”

In regards to the “Jamestown flood,” Boyer said water caused the most severe damage.

“Water is the worst damage because it goes everywhere and by the time we get there to shut everything off, the damage is already done,” Boyer said.

This year’s lower dorm damage could quite possibly be a result of Residence Life’s efforts, Anderson said.

“Our staff continually monitors the halls to make sure that everyone is respecting the community and the facilities,” Anderson said.
However, some students worry that some of their peers’ weekend guests may cause some damage in the residence halls.

“The Quality of Life Survey shows that students do have concerns about damage and specifically damage caused by guests of residents,” Anderson said.

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