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Stonehill College recognized by Vice President Joe Biden


Photo Courtesy of Student Government Association

Photo Courtesy of Student Government Association

By Liam Dacko

Stonehill College was recognized in an op-ed written by Vice President Joe Biden. Nov. 9 for its efforts in addressing the issue of sexual assault

Last week, the College took part in the It’s On Us campaign, a White House initiative designed to serve as a wake-up call to universities about the concerns related to the issue of sexual assault.

“At Stonehill College in Massachusetts, students, faculty, and staff are wearing nametags that say how they have been affected by sexual assault: ‘I am a survivor,’ and ‘I will not be a passive bystander,” Biden wrote in his op-ed.

Stonehill’s It’s On Us campaign was run by Student Government Association (SGA). As part of the initiative, the organization held an open mic night in The Hill Nov. 5. During the event, various campus groups, including Girls From The Hill, Surround Sound, and Ruckus, performed different acts to raise awareness about sexual assault.

Upon learning about Stonehill’s mention in Biden’s op-ed, many students took to social media to express their thoughts on the Vice President’s shout out.

“This is so awesome,” senior Adrianna Rosadio wrote on Facebook.

“So proud to be part of this incredible community,” sophomore Emily Schario posted.

“Biden just mentioned Stonehill College in his latest Op-Ed- always so proud to be a Skyhawk,” Madison McGlone said in a post sharing a link to the piece.

“Great to see Stonehill College recognized for it’s amazing efforts with the It’s On Us Campaign,” Ben Rajadurai wrote.

To read Biden’s op-ed, visit

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