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Art gallery brings Stonehill students ‘Down To Earth’


By Liam Dacko

It looks like nature is calling at Stonehill College.

A new environmental-themed art installation opened Nov. 9 at the Carole Calo Gallery in Cushing-Martin. The exhibit, called “Down To Earth,” opened with an artist panel and reception.

The installation is meant to serve as inspiration for visitors to take action to help the environment and will run through Dec. 12.

“‘Down to Earth’ acts as an environmental microcosm, a more intimate and isolated glimpse into the relationship between the earth and its inhabitants, and most importantly, how that relationship is steadily deteriorating,” according to the official website of Stonehill College.

Each piece exhibited in the gallery examines different perspectives on environmental issues. These perspectives are represented in a variety of forms. The exhibit includes paintings, manipulated found objects and photography.

The exhibit features the work of artists Nedret Andre, Resa Blatman, Terry Gipps, Plotform (Jane D. Marsching and Andi Sutton), Richella Simard, Maryjean Viano Crowe, and Deb Todd Wheeler.

The exhibit is one of many showcased in the Carole Calo Gallery. Last month, the work of artist Steven Smalley, who paints whimsical miniatures of Henry VII, was featured in the gallery.

In Spring 2016, the gallery will exhibit the work of Jessamyn Lovell, which centers on her experiences with identity theft.

For more information about “Down To Earth,” check out Sean Mason’s video:

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