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Arts need more support, Burros says


By Sean Mason

The inaugural Civic Art, Design, + Media lecture kicked off Dec. 1 in the Martin Institute.

Julie Burros, the Chief of Arts and Culture in Boston, was the first speaker for the series.

Burros outlined what she does for the city of Boston. She is the “Art Czar” and is in charge of working with communities around Boston to highlight the city as an international center of arts and culture. She has held this position position for a year.

She said without Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, arts and culture would not be where they are today. However, they still have a long way to go, she said.

The city of Boston received an arts and culture grant of $479,000. This grant is higher than it was when she first arrived, but it is still far below the average per capita of other major United States cities, Burros said.

Burros came up with “Boston AIR” (Artists In Residence) campaign. The goal of Boston AIR is for the government to work with Artists to revive arts and culture in the city of Boston, she said.

Burros wanted the name of the campaign to be symbolic.

“Working with artists will be as symbolic as breathing in air,” she said.

Burros said she wants to improve the system for making public art. She said the city needs more funding and an easier way for public art to be displayed.

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