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Mr. Stonehill 2015 crowned


Image Courtesy of Michaela D'Ambrosio

Image Courtesy of Michaela D’Ambrosio

By Liam Dacko

After weeks of intense preparation, sophomore Ben Igegneri must have been happy when he learned he wouldn’t be voted off the island at this year’s Mr. Stonehill competition.

Igegneri beat out eight other contestants for the title of Mr. Stonehill 2015 at the event Dec. 5, the theme of which was based off the show “Survivor.” Igegneri also received the award for “Best Swimwear.”

After his big win was announced, Igegneri gave a brief and impromptu speech.

“I wish words could explain or possibly describe the surprise and excitement that is bungled up inside of me right now. What I really want to say is that the last thing that Mr. Stonehill is is a competition. If you went behind and saw us backstage, you didn’t see any of us looking at each other’s talents and saying ‘Darn, that was good. How am I going to catch up to that?’ Everyone was just so happy for each other and couldn’t give each other more love. We are not competitors. We are absolutely a team,” he said.

Igegneri was not the only one to leave the competition with a new title. Sophomore Rich Trautwein was voted “Best Crowd Pleaser” and “Mr. Congeniality.” Senior Taylor Steimle received the award for “Best Talent” for his dance to the song “Twerking in the Rain.”

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