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Seniors take winter prep lightly despite last year’s record-breaking snowfall


By Natalie Woods

When asked what they were bringing for next semester’s potentially snowy winter, seniors didn’t seem to worry too much about supplies.

Lauren Fountain said, “Lots of UGG boots and a shovel so I can dig my car out of Lot 17.”

“Gloves. That’s all I need….and Dunkin Donuts iced coffee,” Chris Bouchard said.

“I’m bringing snow shoes,” said his brother Zach Bouchard.

Last winter brought over 100 inches of snowfall in the greater Boston area, causing for numerous snow days and cancellations last spring semester on campuses across Massachusetts.

Despite last season’s traumatic winter, the seniors were only concerned with packing the basics with nothing too frivolous mentioned to get them through the cold.

“Two pairs of UGGs and my big winter jacket,” Caroline Murray said.

“I’m bringing a Carhart and boots,” James Serio said.

With the delayed onset of last winter’s storms in late January and February, a bad winter may not be on their horizon just yet for their last semester at Stonehill.

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