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Women’s soccer victorious in championship


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By Laura O’Malley

Claire O’Brien was not alive when the Stonehill women’s soccer team last won the NE-10 Championship.

Now, the 21-year-old captain of the team is celebrating this month’s win.

“It’s amazing for us seniors who were all born in 1995 to be a part of a team that won the championship exactly 21 years ago,” O’Brien said. “We feel like we were meant to be here and continue this season for as long as possible and I wouldn’t want to experience this with any other group of girls.”

Some of the seniors on the team said they were born for the championship.

Jose Gomes, a staff member at the Stonehill Sports Complex, was the coach of the women’s team in 1995 when they won the NE-10 Championship.

Nov. 6, he watched his daughter play on the newest winning team.

“Every team dreams of winning a championship like this. My favorite player on the team is my daughter Lindsay who I am lucky enough to watch every game, ” Gomes said, who was the head of the women’s soccer team from 1991 through 2001.

“This team started off ranked low but really strong. They hit a couple of speed bumps but now their off to the NCAA tournament with a Championship as well,” Gomes said.

Gomes said he was excited to watch his daughter play at home in the championship game and the team win another title.

His daughter said it was unforgettable.

“Winning the NE10s is something I will never forget. What made the moment so special for me, was that my father was there to watch. I like to think that he started the success of Stonehill College Women’s Soccer program and it is incredible to be on the team that no only carried on this legacy but also beat his teams previous records,” Lindsay Gomes, junior, said.

Julia Larson, another senior, said the end of the game was exciting.

“Once the buzzer went off, it felt like everything we had worked for this season and over the last few years had payed off. As a team we’ve had a whole lot of sweat, tears and a ton of laughter invested into our season. Never a dull moment with the crazy Skyhawks. I feel so proud to be apart of a team as special as this where all 30 of us have come together as a single unit allowing us to take anything that’s thrown our way,” Larson said.

Hosting a home championship playoff game is something that she will never forget, Larson said.

Junior Julia Galdorisi said the winning moment was amazing.

“Winning the NE10 Championship was an unforgettable moment and definitely the highlight of my entire soccer career. It was an incredible feeling to finally achieve our team goals and be recognized for all of our hard work this season on campus. I have never been more proud to be a part of the Stonehill Women’s Soccer team,” she said.


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