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60-year-old time capsule removed unopened



By Aisha McAdams

A nearly 60-year-old time capsule that was removed from the Old Student Union remains sealed until a ceremony is planned for this spring to reveal what has survived over half a century.

Joseph Kelleher, associate director of building operations, said facilities management decided to remove the time capsule during a hazardous material assessment Nov. 8 of the building.

The Old Student Union building will be demolished after commencement in 2017. Kelleher said it was convenient to remove the capsule now.

According to a Summit article from 1958, the time-capsule was sealed in the cornerstone of the building May 20. In the cornerstone a catalog of the college, news clippings and a picture that showed the campus as it existed was said to be placed.

Nicole Casper, director of archives and an alumni herself, said that they have not opened the time capsule yet and are not sure what is inside.

“We don’t know what news clippings or photos they put in it,” Casper said. “It will be interesting to see if what comes out if they are readable. News clippings are most fragile and are more likely to break down.”

According to Casper, the articles were only protected by a copper tin inside the cornerstone so they could have easily been damaged by the elements. Capser said that it sounds like whatever is contained in the capsule is solid.

For preservation purposes the time-capsule will remain in archives. Casper said Stonehill plans to have a community event to open the time capsule sometime next semester with hopes of having those who were at the original event in 1958 join.

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