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Sexual assault prevention enhanced with 10k grant



By Amy McKeever

To Jessica Greene, Stonehill’s Health and Wellness coordinator, the college has been dedicated to working towards violence prevention.

“We see more and more colleges nationally addressing sexual violence prevention,” Greene said. “Stonehill has been very proactive in offering services, resources and prevention efforts dedicated to this topic.”

So Greene teamed up with Director of Corporate & Foundations Relations Marie Kelly to apply for a grant that would aid Stonehill in continuing prevention efforts and training related to sexual violence.

Stonehill was chosen as one of 20 colleges to participate in a leadership program that enables participating schools to develop and implement action plans to prevent and respond to sexual assault, according to the College’s website.

The Avon Foundation awarded the College a grant of $10,000 to go toward furthering sexual assault and violence prevention programs such as; Bystander Intervention Training, One Love: Escalation workshops on recognizing and responding to dating violence prevention, R.A.D. Self Defense classes, awareness weeks and other events that promote healthy living.

Greene said Stonehill has taken a big step in sexual violence prevention with addressing the subjects of dating violence and students perceptions of safety on campus. The grant will help the College increase training and resources that address sexual violence prevention, Greene said.

“We are working on a new Bystander Intervention Social Media Campaign and will be hosting an area wide Bystander Intervention Training on our campus, which we are inviting staff and students from other schools to attend as well,” she said.

In addition, Greene says the College plans to look at ways to increase support services for survivors and implementing trauma informed trainings.

“We want to further institutionalize sexual assault prevention,” Greene said in a press release by the College. “We’ve been asking ourselves, ‘How do we make this something that is addressed at every area of our college campus?’ We’re glad to have more resources to answer that question.”

The Avon Foundation works to improve the lives of women and their families and provides funds to colleges seeking a decrease in gender-based violence on their campuses. To learn more about the program visit

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