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New year, new Hill: Menu shift prompts student complaints


By Tomas Bernotas

While grain bowls and salads might be the healthy choice, some students said they don’t like the new changes in menu at The Hill.

This past summer, Kenny Florio, manager at The Hill, along with other members of the Sodexo staff at Stonehill College, decided to change the menu by adding some healthier options while removing some late night favorites for students.

“Basically it’s the same menu, we just wanted to add in some healthier options” Florio said.

The addition of these bowls also adds much more flexibility to the available order he said. Students now can “build your own meal with whatever you want,” he said.

Some students are not sold on these changes.

“Why change something that didn’t need to be fixed?” Liam Rendall said, class of 2018, “The old menu was fine, I’m not sure why they changed it.”

According to students the most significant items taken away were items like curly fries, meatball subs, and a selection of soups.

“It all came down to which items were selling and which ones weren’t,” Florio said. “We ended up throwing away a lot of food at the end of the day so we knew something and to change.”

Students quickly noticed the old favorites were gone.

“I don’t know why they felt the need to take away items just to add a couple healthy options” Rendall said, “It would have been easy enough to just have them both on the menu.”

“The menu shouldn’t be limited, they shouldn’t have taken things off just to add a few items,” Senior Meghan Lucey said.

The new items consist of grains such as rice and quinoa, with grilled vegetables and chicken mixed in to make it seem almost like a burrito bowl one would order at Chipotle.

However, Rendall was not impressed with the grain bowl.

“They label it as having ‘grilled vegetables’ on the menu but my meal was cold when I tried it,” Rendall said.

“The new additions aren’t bad” Lucey said, when asked if she’s tried the new items. “I think it’s good to have some more healthy and tasty options for students.”

No more changes are in place for the future, Florio said, but he said that if students would like to see a change in the menu, they may come talk to him at The Hill.

The Hill hours have also changed. It now opens later, 11 a.m. on weekdays. Other times remain the same.


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