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Commuters get new home


By Lia Cariglia

Commuters returned to Stonehill to find the commuter lounge moved and is now smaller.


The move was made because the Student Union, where the lounge had been for years, was torn down to make way for what will be the Academic & Welcome Center. The new lounge is Commons room 105 behind the Student Government Association office.


“The move happened the end of last year,” Patrick M. Keaney, assistant director of co-curricular programs, said. “We worked with commuter council and they settled on this one.”


He said they lost of their size but his plan is only until spring of 2018.


Philip M. Toussaint, treasure of the commuter council said the new lounge isn’t adequate.


“The new room limits commuters ability to eat and do work as the space is really small, in a locked down building, so students are now forced to the library or a friends’ dorm at night,” he said.


He advises students to try to get involved in as many events as possible and get to know people-including those with dorms.


Keaney said people are not really kicked out of the room – the building is just locked so they can’t get in.

He said people have started looking for a better set up.


In the meantime, Sophomore Brendan J Connelly urged commuters to use their time wisely and also find different places to eat.


“Wendy’s is not your only option—be better. Just because it’s easier and cheaper option does not mean it is the best.”

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