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Theatre Company gets new Artistic Director


By Amy McKeever

Growing out of his days of performing in the Blue Man Group, Matt Greene took on the new position of Artistic Director of the Stonehill Theatre Company this year.

Here, Greene hopes to continue his mission of growth.

“Growth is key and one of my top missions at Stonehill, but it must be grown sensibly, he said. “I am already speaking with other disciplines about how we can collaborate, share resources, and all grow together.”

Right away he saw an encouraging spirit of the Stonehill theatre encouraging members to challenge themselves.

“It speaks well to the role the theatre can play here,” he said.

The Theatre Company performed “Almost, Maine” Nov. 9, a show directed by one of Greene’s former students. He said he chose the show because it provided him with a lot of wiggle room.

“I didn’t know how many would come out to audition. The play can be performed by 4 people or 19,” Greene said.

He ended up having 30 audition and ended up with 19 actors cast for the show.

“The challenge is then to keep the intimacy that the play demands, which is something the production and design team have done masterfully,” he said. “Each scene is as if you are looking at a relationship under a microscope and you’re witnessing the moment when everything changes.”

As for Greene, next semester he will be directing the spring show, which he anticipates to be grittier than “Almost, Maine.” He said he intends to challenge audiences to reflect on their own motivations and actions, while sticking to contemporary shows.

“I always want to offer a variety of shows that we do here at Stonehill, while sticking with the notion that theatre is all about asking the difficult questions,” he said.

And Greene will be sticking to the theme of growth of his team, through relationships with other theatre companies, like London’s Frantic Assembly, American Idiot and Harry Potter.

“I truly believe that in order for us to create great theatre we need to be constantly growing together—myself included,” he said.

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