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Alum’s board game finds the antidote


By Tomas Bernotas

Stonehill Alum Tom Deschenes is coming out a winner with his first board game.

The game crafted by Deschenes, who graduated in 2005, hit the shelves this summer after being picked up by a major company.

“Quest for the Antidote” is a fantasy board game based upon finding the antidote for your poison. Gamers go about finding the ingredients for their antidote before the poison gets to them.

Deschenes said he had the idea for the game one night while reading “Dracula” for one of his graduate school classes at Harvard University in 2011.

The Stonehill English major and secondary education minor said he started writing down the ideas immediately, and in the span of a few minutes, he had the basics of the game on paper.

Armed with the basic ideas, Deschenes worked with artist Scott Sherman to design illustrations for the game before he felt confident enough to release the game this past summer.

The game was picked up by Upper Deck, a popular trading card company which also has a board game branch.

“Quest for the Antidote” made rounds this past summer at conventions such as the Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio, San Diego, Comic Con and Gen Con in Indianapolis.

The game is also available in stores including Walmart, and online on Amazon, and directly through Upper Deck.

Deschenes said the game will be available in the next few months at other stories, such as Target, Toys-R-Us, and Barnes and Noble.

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