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Coaching for Change thriving under Stonehill Alum


By Jessie Harvey

The Coaching for Change co-founder opened up his home in Newton to donors, raising $10,000 for programming last Tuesday evening.

Peter Berman, co-founder and Director of Operations of Coaching for Change (C4C), hosted appetizers at his home honoring 25 of the program’s greatest supporters. College deans from around the area, retired teachers, friends and family of C4C staff, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists were among those in attendance, Berman said.

This “friendraiser” was arranged as a thank you for his guests’ contributions, and became an opportunity for Berman and Marquis Taylor, co-founder and Executive Director of C4C, to platform the organization’s most recent fundraising objectives, Berman said.

C4C is a newly established non-profit organization that practices a tiered cross-aged mentoring program in the inner city. The organization uses sports as a tool for job skills training and school engagement, employing high school students to coach basketball to elementary and middle school kids, C4C fundraising coordinator and head intern, Meaghan Durkin, said.

“We need funding for pretty much everything since we’re just starting out, but especially to pay our high school kids. The stipend we give them is often their motivation for entering the program in the first place,” Durkin said.

The C4C staff is planning on putting on their next fundraising event at the 99 restaurant in Easton, but donations can be made at any time at, Durkin said.

Internship/volunteer coordinator, Amanda Steverman, is looking for new recruits to join C4C next semester. C4C welcomes students from all backgrounds but is especially encouraging criminology and communications majors to join.

“We are looking for 4-5 interns for next semester, and we could use as many volunteers as we can get,” Steverman said.

The duties of interns differ among positions. The positions available are communication interns who will focus on creating newsletters, and updating their website, along with managing social media.

Recruitment interns will be in charge of contacting future interns for the fall semester.

Another intern will be in charge of data entry, such as the contact information for elementary, high school, and college students and parents.

A fundraising intern is vital to C4C, because as a non-profit organization, all of their money comes from donations and fundraisers.

If you are interested in making a difference in the community surrounding Stonehill, become a part of C4C. You can contact Amanda at for more information.

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