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OPINION: A contestant’s perspective on Mr. Stonehill


By Matt Tardiff

I didn’t think it would take until the end of my next-to-last semester to have my favorite weekend at Stonehill, but with winter break less than two weeks away, and one more semester after that, I’ve had the most fun in my four years being a contestant in Mr. Stonehill. Between nine hours of rehearsal on Friday, four more on Saturday, and then the show itself on Saturday night, the eleven contestants, four hosts, Senior Events committee, and everyone else involved with the show got pretty close with each other. The show itself was awesome. In my years as a Peer Mentor, I’ve been a part of the opening run-in three times, but the opening dance of Mr. Stonehill was so much more fun. The energy in the Sports Complex was absolutely awesome all night long, and the contestants did everything we could to put on one of the most fun events of the year.

As far as actually being in Mr. Stonehill goes, it’s definitely something I recommend to anyone thinking about it, whether as a host or contestant. As fun a night as Mr. Stonehill is as an audience member, it’s by far much more fun on the other side. It’s a great feeling to know that you were part of one of the best nights of the year (and in some cases, one of the best nights of four years) and to know that your friends were right there doing it with you. I’m not sure about Mr. Stonehill events in the past, but this year’s group seemed to already be close coming in, and the time we spent together only increased that. So it was a very interesting and hilarious dynamic that I think was pretty evident in the confessional videos.

I would also totally put on Mr. Stonehill again with everyone this weekend. And the next, and the next…maybe we can round up the contestants and perform our dances at coffeehouses or at local community events, maybe make a name for ourselves as the traveling male beauty pageant. I’d love to say that I would totally do Mr. Stonehill next year, but the whole graduating thing crushes those dreams rather quickly. With nine seniors in this year’s competition, the field will be wide open for next year’s competition, and I can’t wait to come back and see what it’s like. Between all of the current students, recently-graduated alum, parents, family, faculty, friends from home, and male beauty pageant enthusiasts, the atmosphere at Mr. Stonehill is something that you can’t pass up. I’m glad I didn’t, and I’m glad I got to play a part in my favorite weekend at Stonehill.

Tardiff is a senior psychology and mathematics double major

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