Get Rid of those Halloween Pumpkins the Cool Way!

10.31.2011 · Posted in Uncategorized

Happy Halloween!!

Another Halloween has come and gone and now you may be left with a carved pumpkin or two or some painted pumpkins that may have a little bit longer shelf life. Instead of filling up the trash bins in the residence halls, grab a friend and walk over to Rehoboth in the Senior Courts. Right next to Rehoboth stands a black compost bin that you can put the remains of your pumpkin in so that it can be left to decompose and be returned to the earth as fertile soil. Did you know that composting can produce a very fertile organic soil that can be used to help other plants grow into big and tasty fruits and vegetables? So instead of letting your pumkin waste away into uselessness, let it keep other decaying fruits and veggies company as they compost away into rich soil that can be used in the Spring! And now that you know where a compost bin is on campus, don’t forget that you can drop all your waste from fruits and veggies in there too while you’re walking by on your way to class!

Also, Here’s a list of some things that you can compost that maybe you have never thought of before:

-Aimee Morrison

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