Cost-Benefit and Wind Energy by Anthony V. Ardizzone

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Beginning in the Spring of 2008, Babson College erected a thirty-five foot tall windmill on campus.



The windmill at Babson College


As a business school, you have to think why the school would do such a thing. Many people will say that Babson is hoping to promote corporate social responsibility. While this may definitely be true (and a plus), this is obviously not enough of a justification. As a business school, Babson College is most likely savvy regarding profit and loss accounting. While erecting a windmill may do wonders for the school’s environmental profile, there must have also been a price factor on all of this. The truth is that there probably is because such a windmill would ultimately save Babson money in the long run.

The windmill erected was the SkyStream 3.7. You can read more about it here.



A close view of the windmill turbine used at Babson College


So how much does this windmill cost? $50,000? $75,000? No. Just under $7,000. In addition, at Babson, the windmill generates approximately sixty percent of the annual energy used in Babson’s Entrepreneurial Center, a building relatively similar in size to Cushing-Martin. Just imagine the savings. High electric bills can be a thing of the past with such a windmill. I think it’s about time that Stonehill started funding alternative energy and save money at the time. Both the environment and individual wallets depend on it.


Babson Green Report Card

Due in large part to its windmill and administrative initiative to alternative energy, Babson College received a B on the Green Report Card. Stonehill currently has a D+.

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