Thank the Environment this Thanksgiving!

11.08.2011 · Posted in Uncategorized

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks, so why not thank the enviornment this year?

Instead of going out and buying festive decorations, why not make your own, eco-friendly decorations? Not only is it helpful to the enviornment, it is also fun and affordable! Decorations can be an essential part of feeling holiday cheer, and by making your own eco-friendly decorations you can reduce waste that would otherwise harm the environment. If you want to thank the environment this year and make adorable paper turkey decorations, here’s what you’ll need!

-scissors           -a black marker             -a pencil         -glue     -brown, red, yellow, white, and orange construction paper       -your hands and feet!

Step One: Trace both your feet (with your shoes on) on the brown construction paper. Trace both yours hands on the red and orange construction paper and one of your hands on the yellow construction paper.

Step Two: Cut all the peices out.

Step Three: Glue the two brown foot tracings at the heel to make the body.

Step Four: Glue the colorful hand cut outs together to form the bright tail feathers, and then glue them to the body.

Step Five: Cut out the feet and beak from the orange construction paper, the goblet from the red construction paper, and the eyes from the white construction paper. Then dot the eyes with a black marker and glue the parts onto your turkey.

Step Six: Enjoy the holiday! Don’t forget to either recycle your paper turkey or store it away for next year!

-Danielle Garceau

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