7 Billion people!

11.09.2011 · Posted in Uncategorized

As of Halloween, 10/31/2011, the population increased to 7 billion. This may not seem like a huge change but think about how only 12 years ago, the population was 6 billion people! Since 1927, the population has been increasing by 1 billion in a shorter amount of time than the preceding landmark. Yet, according to population growth websites such as Census. Gov., it is predicted that this increased population growth in a decreasing amount of time is going to change. The population is not going to increase to 8 billion till about 2027 which is 16 years from now, as apposed to 12 years of the last population change.

So what does that mean for the world and the Stonehill community?
Other than a change in population, it does not mean much. After the first few billion people were on the Earth, environmentalist predicted that the Earth would not be able to support and withstand the weight of 4 billion people. Clearly, we have already withstood that predicament and are moving forward. Once population is forced to decrease due to shortage of resources such as jobs and food, ecology will also bounce back and continue to flourish.
Yet, the amount of food available could be decreasing. This is especially true for countries who are less fortunate than the US.
As the amount of people continue to increase and resources decrease, it is becoming more vital for communities to be conscious of the amount of resources they consume and to give to those less fortunate.

-Sara Boukdad

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