Easy Ways to Limit Your Paper Consumption

11.15.2011 · Posted in Uncategorized

Let’s face it, with college comes heaps and heaps of paper consumption. Essays, handouts, and slides come from every direction bombarding you with more and more paper. Although some of our paper comsumption is nearly unavoidable, here are a few simple ways that you can decrease yours:

1. Print Double-Sided: To print double sided go to Print, then to Advanced Options, and select Flip Long Edge on the first option.

2. Expand Your Margins: When you’re just printing out something that’s not being turned in, you can save paper by expanding your margins. This can be done by going to the Format option and then changing the Margins to as little as 0.5″.

3. Limit your Printing: Sometimes it is uneccessary to print things like entire PDF files. Did you know that when reading a document on Adobe Reader you can highlight and add notes?

By reducing your paper consumption, you are saving trees that take in carbon dioxide from the enviornment and let out clean oxygen for us to breathe. With the current issue of global warming, trees are important becuase they take in excessive carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which traps heat from the sun, warming the plantet. But even the smallest effort like reducing paper use can help, becuase  every tree counts!

-Danielle Garceau

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