The Problem with Consumerism

11.28.2011 · Posted in Uncategorized

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, we can get into the spirit of Christmas and decorate our homes, put up Christmas trees, and buy tons of presents for all of our family and friends. I know Christmas is about the spirit of giving, but have you ever thought giving too much could be harmful? Over the years Americans have bought so many goods, and many of the items we buy are either neglected or thrown away in a matter of months! That means many of the gifts we buy each other for Christmas just end up sitting in a corner of our room as we continue to contribute to the increasing problem of waste and municipal waste management. So this Christmas before you go out and buy that perfect gift, try to find a gift that you know the receiver will really enjoy and want to use for years to come. Not only will you be doing the earth a favor, but you will also be remembered as “the one who buys the best Christmas gifts”.

Also when shopping for gifts this Christmas, try to find so eco-friendly Christmas presents. Many stores now have small sections specifically for eco-friendly gifts, where the products they are selling were either made from recycled materials or they can help you decrease your impact on the environment. Some great environmentally friendly gift ideas include trendy notebooks made from 100% recycled paper, purses and bags made from recycled materials, jewelry made from soda tabs or scrabble board pieces, or to-go coffee mugs or reusable plastic cups. Not only could you buy a gift that your friend or family member will love, but you will also be giving back to the earth by buying a gift that had a much smaller impact than the latest ipod or a four-wheeler.

Here’s a link to the Green Rainbow Shop website, where you can find eco-friendly gifts for everyone on your Christmas list:

Today the possibilities are endless for eco-friendly gifts, so have fun shopping around and trying to find the perfect environmentall friendly gift for your loved one! Maybe you could even buy yourself a little treat! Have fun Christmas shopping and remember each gift you give has some impact on the earth, but you can control whether that impact is positve or negative based on the gift you buy!

-Aimee Morrison

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