A Bright Idea

11.29.2011 · Posted in Uncategorized

In the developing world, many families are not as fortunate to have unlimited electricity at their fingertips. An abundance of cities have slums where the homes are consistently dark. An innovative project named A Liter of Light is bringing free, clean light, equivalent to 50 watts, into the homes of those families in need throughout the developing world.

What is most impressive about this project is the simplicity. TakingĀ  recycled, plastic bottles, filling them with water and a little bleach and suspending them from the ceiling is all that is necessary to emit light. While these bottles are not perfect and do not give off light during cloudy days or during the night, they still give families free light, allowing them to save on their electricity bill, if they have one. The A Liter of Light program exemplifies the movement towards a green, sustainable way of life.


Here is a video to demonstrate how A liter of Light works:


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