Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

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Now that the holiday season is well underway, beautiful evergreen trees are being cut from tree farms all over the United States so that we can place the ultimate Christmas decoration, the Christmas Tree, in our homes for anytime from 1-4 weeks. Although Christmas trees are wonderful decorations and really help the Christmas spirit to come alive for each and every one of us, have you ever thought of the harmful environmental impacts that having a Christmas tree in your home every year can have? Did you know that 25-30 million live Christmas trees are sold in the United States every year! That’s a lot of dead trees to clean up before New Year’s!  Live, and therefore, renewable and recyclable Christmas trees are better to use as a decoration than artificial trees due to the amount of nonbiodegradable plastic and toxic metals contained in fake trees, but it is important to remember how much land must be used for tree farms each year so that we can enjoy a dead tree in our home for 3 weeks.

Now I am definitely not saying to get rid of Christmas trees! I am one of the first people to say that nothing can beat that fresh pine scent that permeates my home in days before Christmas, but maybe, just maybe, there is an alternative in which everyone wins. Now, there are tree programs in which you can rent a live Christmas tree for your home to have during the Holiday Season, and when the holidays are over, the same program picks up your tree and will plant it somewhere in the following year, or it will be rented out until it becomes too large and then it will be planted somewhere else! These trees are delivered to your home potted, with their roots intact, and they serve as a living air freshener in your home! This program just may be the best of both worlds and you can still decorate your Christmas tree any way you like, minus the tinsel! So next Christmas, or this year if you are still looking, maybe you can look into renting a holiday tree and keeping the spirit of Christmas alive…literally!

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Happy Decorating!!!

 -Aimee Morrison

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