Deck the Halls…With Sustainability

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Christmas is a great time to express your own creativity and style. There are so many different decorations you can get in stores, but there are even more that you can make yourself. Making your own Christmas decorations can be fun and it is a great opportunity to add your own creative flare to the Christmas season. Not only is making Christmas decorations a great stress reliever, but it is also a great way for you to give a gift to the environment by using recycled materials or odds and ends around your house instead of going out and buying the latest decorations in stores.

For starters, you can use real  food for decorations such as popcorn strings instead of tinsel to decorate your Christmas tree. You can also make decorations out of gingerbread cookies and pinecones that you can find in your backyard. You can also take evergreen branches from your backyard to make your own homemade wreath, complete with nice red berries or other colorful fruit that you can attach to it!

You can also decorate your tree with homemade ornaments and you can really get creative by making your own picture frame ornaments, or painting eggshells, or even decorating a tennis ball to look like a real Christmas ornament. By making your own decorations, you can really help the environment because you are not contributing to the CO2 emissions from transporting commercial ornaments, you are recycling materials so less waste is produced, and you can compost the natural decorations you use from year to year. Even if a fraction of your ornaments and decorations are environmentally friendly you are helping to make a more sustainable holiday culture.

For more ideas of how to make sustainable Christmas decorations you can visit this website:

They have a TON of great ideas and you can really get creative with it!

Have fun decorating and Happy Holidays!

-Aimee Morrison


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