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It’s the Most Sustainable Time of the Year


Christmas has become a holiday filled with consumption and wasteful practices. But, we can make small, simple changes to help us conserve energy and waste less resources. Here are some tips for having a green Christmas this year.

Christmas Lighting

Instead of using incandescent lighting on your Christmas tree or to decorate your house with, try LED lights. LED lights can use up to 95% less energy than the more conventional, incandescent bulbs. LED lights may cost a bit more, but they have been proven to burn for 2,000 more hours. Another tip for saving on your Christmas lighting bills is to turn off your Christmas tree lights when you go to bed and when you are not in the room.


Do you really need to buy more ornaments this Christmas? If you do not already have ornaments to decorate your Christmas tree with, try finding items around the house to hang from the tree. Another option is to get crafty and make your own ornaments! If you feel that you must buy ornaments, buy ones made out of recycled materials. Some companies use old metal scraps to create holiday ornaments.


Many of us will be entertaining friends and family over the holidays. Instead of sending out paper invitations to your party, send e-vites to save on paper. Try to serve food that is in season and locally grown. This option is more environmentally friendly and will cut down on costs. Also, use real tableware, as opposed to paper plates, cups, and silverware.







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