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Hey everyone,
It’s 5:10 am and I am up doing some work before classes start and I decided to let everyone know how excited we (Megan, Professor Mooney and Myself) are about this upcoming semester. To begin I wanted to introduce our new Spring 2012 Stonehill Eco-Reps. First off we have the ever incredible Professor Susan Mooney who never ceases to amaze us with her great words of guidance and wisdom and unbelievable spunk and energy, even if it was 30 degrees in the everglades with Hurricane Irene coming literally into our tents at 4 am! Next we have the lovely Ms. Megan Keane who will be helping me out this semester. She loves her business but science is where her heart truly belongs… even if you are going to Grad school for Business… Next off we have the girl from Revere, which by the way no one would ever know where it is without that Jack-Chop Youtube video…Sara Boukdad!!!Coming up next is the ever incredibly quiet Danielle, quite as a mouse, Garceau!!! And who could forget the always smiling, most go with the flow personality…Tori Gray!!! She loves her SEA and Eco-Rep programs almost as much as she loves her dove dark chocolates and her heart shaped Reese’s Peanut Butter cups… Jessica Lantos!!! And last but most certainly not least, the girl who can school you on the basketball courts of Lowell, Mass and then school you in… ya… school… I got nothing! I’ll work on something witty to say, don’t worry!

Well here they are, our new Spring 2012 Eco-Reps for Stonehill and we are so amped up for this semester and can’t wait to see what this energetic and highly intelligent group of individuals bring to the Sustainability on Stonehill’s Campus!

Here is a preview of just some of the events and activities that they have come up with an plan to organize
– Biodiversity at Stonehill (hint: includes live Hawks, Turtles, Snakes and a goat…) oh ya, did i say alive, ya.. a live hawk in the science center! Plus, who wouldn’t want to see a goat go the bathroom on those shiny new tiles or perhaps in the office of one of your science professors that woke up on the wrong side of the bed and decided to take it out on you that day. Only suggestions, I’m not liable to where that goat goes, I’ll just turn the other cheek!

– Renewable Energy such as solar and wind usage (Seniors…potential graduation gift idea…come on I know you like the idea! While outside tanning around, no more having to get up and spray yourself to cool off, just tan near the wind turbine for ultimate fan effect!

-Presentation of the Eco-Rep’s past and future work at the Forum for Collaboration

-Peer Education and Awareness events on campus (Possible merit point program, who doesn’t need an extra merit point, I mean come on! I heard those prime rooms in every building go fast, and without an extra merit point… you might be stuck living next to the rowdy football teams dorm rooms! Who wants to try and sleep, never mind breathe that smell in!!! ) We will collaborate with other environmental and sustainability clubs on campus and share our ideas and feed off of each other for more creative way of doing things.

-Water Filter awareness (one reusable water bottle per person save hundreds of $ by investing in a $10 Nalgene water bottle that even looks cool! P.S, I found one at the bookstore that is all camo…What guy doesn’t want to look like a G.I Joe everyday of the week! And for the ladies, find a water bottle that matches your outfit; see if luis vitton, Gucci or Chanele has some designer water bottles that match your purse! I know you’re impressed I knew those names… I have an older sister! Come on though, we are all college students here, we have no money to be buying three or four bottles of water out of the vending machine per day! Think about the math…buy 3 vending machine water bottles a day for $1.50 each. That’s 3 times a day x $1.50 per water = $4.50 a day! Now say you realistically only buy water everyday 5 times a week, that’s $4.50 a day x 5 times a week = $22.50 a week! and to put things really into perspective, lets say we spend about 41 weeks total at school x spending $22.50 a week on water… = $922.50 a year just on bottle of water a year at Stonehill! So if someone (cough cough most people cough) continued on this cycle, on top of all the other fees, i would love to be a fly on the wall of your house when your parents asked you how you spent $3,690 on BOTTLED WATER in four years of college. I’m not finance major but if my kid ever told me that I would either ask him what he learned in college and pray his major wasn’t business! Or I would sue the school for not teaching my kid any common sense! And lastly, if money is no issue for you… which for me, that statement is just full of oxymoron’s and makes just about as much sense spend $3,690 on bottled water in college, take a look at this fun fact of just the waste product of the plastic bottle when you are done drinking it in literally two minutes if your really thirsty… In 2009 the US threw out enough plastic water bottles to stretch around the earth 190 times!!!! I have nothing else to say but if you haven’t figured out this equation yet, I hope that your not ever going to be in a position to manage the governments money!

-Science Center Roof Garden- Teamed up with Professor Mooney’s Food Justice Class, we have plans of building a “plant in anything, anywhere, with anything” Urban Garden to produce healthy food on top of the Science Center!!!! (who doesn’t think seeing a tomato plant growing out of a worn down Nike Air Jordan basketball sneaker, with chopped up rubber sole as soil cool!?!?) I’m going to do that in my dorm room just because it would definitely be a discussion piece at my next get-together!!!
– ZipCar Awareness (You know those two little cars that have not moved out of their reserved parking space, right next to my favorite building on campus, the cafe! Ya those cars! Hey freshman, tired of waiting around hours for the shuttle just to go to the mall, movies, grocery store? Or walking in the cold to get laundry detergent at CVS? Or always having to get delivery from the same place?… O.K O.K delivery isn’t that bad… but with the ZipCar you could go out to eat with your friends, or discover a cool new place to go or order food from!) You will be able to sign up for the program and act like an upper class men with your shiny new PRIUS!!! If you don’t get looks in one of those cars… they must need glasses! And plus you can point and laugh at their gas bills while you’re in your Prius saving hundreds of dollars on gas with a brand new coach wristlet and luis vitton designer water bottle you bought with the savings from not having to pay an arm and a leg for gas these days.
– Bike Share Program, (maybe if you’re not comfortable driving around in car, or “your alarm turned off by itself and your late for class…again” and you need to get across campus as fast as possible, take your bike and fly by the professors before they even notice you were late! You’ll save money, save emissions, get some exercise and avoid that daunting look the professor give you when you walk in late in front of the entire class who are just sitting there laughing and giggling… It’s never happened to me, but I’ve heard rumors of that…before…not me though!… moving on

SSAEE- (keep trying to figure out what that means… or just read on) How about the Eco-Rep program teams up with other Sustainability and Environmental Clubs and creates a merit point/extra credit program on making Stonehill more aware and educated and how to save money and resources while living sustainably! We might even bring simple algebra lessons and give out private tutoring lessons for the students still unable to figure out the water filtration system…. We could call it STONEHILL’S SWEET AWESOME EXTREME EXCITEMENT!!! or just call it Stonehill’s Sustainable Awareness and Education Event… or whatever. I personally prefer the first one… but that’s just me…

I hope you all got a lot out of this. I sure did in the sense that my humor is only funny to me… but all kidding aside, I’m really looking forward to working and learning with the Eco-Reps and I am anxious to see what they have in store for Stonehill community.

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